Discover our new eco-friendly range

Welcome to the world of Versus Earth Echoes eco-friendly paint, where we are passionate about continually delivering superior quality paints, while minimizing the impact on the environment.
We provide a healthy, durable and cost effective alternative to conventional paints.

Versus Earth Echoes eco paints, was developed over a period of 15 years. We are backed by a multi-million Rand Laboratory, for the latest research and development in paint technology.

The revolutionary research that went into the development of these products has resulted in products that have the ability to meet industrial performance demands, whilst posing no threat to the environment.

Eco-bebe baby paint is an eco-friendly paint that is suitable for your nursery, cots & baby toys.

These baby safe paints are non-toxic and are zero VOC.
The product is fast drying & easy to use.

It can be used to create a delicate, non-harmful finish to your baby’s environment.

Anti-mosquito paint is a water-based paint that repels mosquitoes.
It is an eco-friendly, odourless, product which lasts for up to 2 years .

It has excellent scrub, crack and stain resistance.
This product is not harmful towards humans, pets or plants.
It can be applied to interior exterior walls and even ceilings.

Anti-bacterial paint incorporates Silver Ion technology, a biocide proven to reduce bacteria growth by as much as 95%. It is the perfect product for all areas where hygiene is of utmost importance, such as hospitals, food areas, schools and vets. It can be applied over any painted surface lasting up to 2 years. A fast drying and odourless paint. It provides a tough, washable, durable and stain resistant surface. It is suitable for all
interior walls and ceiling surfaces.
White board paint is a special paint product that will make any smooth wall in your home, office, kids rooms or schools a “masterpiece”. This product transforms any smooth surface into a write-on, wipe-off white board surface without chalking or yellowing, giving you the space you need to fully explore your ideas, providing a high quality, high gloss finish that gives you endless design