After a photo has been submitted, the colour suggestions will then be forwarded via e-mail so that customers can choose the ideal colour in the comfort of their own home and order 1-litre samples that will be delivered to your door. Not only do they have the convenience of shopping online but also the peace of mind that they have chosen correctly.

According to Liz Hillock, head of marketing for the Marketplace, a division of, South Africans are taking the next step in online shopping and starting to buy and sell products online. Versus Paint has anticipated this trend in the South African paint manufacturing market, and set up the above-mentioned websites that will put them at the forefront of this new channel of distribution.

“Versus Paint recognises that both currently and certainly in the future, customers will look towards the internet as a convenient channel of distribution. Versus Paint supplies top-quality products and can offer design and colour advice to meet any needs,” said a spokesperson at the company.

Versus Paint is well known in the commercial markets and they have been instrumental in providing paint solutions for some of South Africa’s leading building projects in the last ten years. They have a range of their own colours selected from international trends, and can also match all colour offerings from any leading paint manufacturer.

The company is primarily a specialist manufacturer and master applicator of paints and superior decorative wall finishes. Apart from their decorative and aesthetic value, Versus coatings offer superior protection to surfaces due to their strength, thickness and durability. Versus also employs a modern approach to eco-friendly paint innovation and coating technologies and embraces contemporary trends in design and construction of exceptional building projects.

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