Choosing the ideal paint colour for an interior or exterior wall is not as simple as you may think, but as a leading paint manufacturer and supplier in South Africa, we are available to assist you with a free colour consultation to ensure that you choose the right colour and textured paint for your commercial building or home.


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What to Consider when Choosing Wall Paint Colours

The effects that different colours have on people is not always conclusive, however, there are basic conclusions that tend to be widely accepted and it is important to consider when painting your office or workplace, and even the way you paint each room in your home. The most important part of choosing colour though, is whether or not you like it.

  • Dark colours (navy, purple, dark greens) can make areas appear smaller and have a more dramatic effect, but can also make a trendy feature wall.
  • Light colours brighten up areas, and create a sense of openness.
  • Warm colours (yellow, orange, gold) can make cold and dark rooms feel warmer, and cool colours (blues, greens) can make a hot and crowded room feel cooler and more airy.
  • Monochromatic colour palettes (variations on a single colour) are often used as backdrops to showcase art work or enhance a dramatic view.
  • Trendy colours palettes are readily available in most home-decor books, but it is important to remember that trends only last for a limited time period, and although beautiful, you may need to re-do your paint colours in a few years’ time.


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