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Versus Paint Specialists

Specialist Paint Applicators and Manufacturers of Exclusive Wall Coatings

Versus Paint was established in November 2000 in Johannesburg and is a specialist paint manufacturer in South Africa. The company objective is to provide the industry with exclusive materials, expertise and exceptional service in the painting and wall coating industry.

Versus Paint Specialists offers eco-friendly paint alternatives, and has formulated wall coatings that considerably decrease the amount of damage done to one’s immediate environment and the environment as a whole.

The Versus Paint brand has become synonymous with quality and luxury in the industry, and being at the forefront of the coatings industry has enabled Versus Paint to work on many landmark buildings in South Africa.

Versus Paint Specialists does not subcontract any application, and are involved from the manufacturing process right through to the application process – keeping quality where it needs to be!

Versus Paint Specialists employs over 180 staff, and are committed to the empowerment of the previously disadvantaged. We are independently BEE rated and 100% BEE-compliant.

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Why Choose Us

Specialist Paint Applicators and Manufacturers of Exclusive Wall Coatings
Stone Finish

Versus Paint Specialists specialise in the manufacturing and the application of exclusive wall coatings. The products originated in Europe, but are now manufactured in South Africa using local raw materials.

Other impressive features for our exclusive wall coatings, specialist interior paints and decorative wall finishes include:

  • Retains elasticity
  • Able to withstand ageing, pollution, extreme temperature variations
  • Water-resistant
  • Washable with household detergents
  • Ultra-violet resistant
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Availability in any colour of your choice
  • Availability in any decorative wall finish colour of your choice
  • Can be applied to any surface
  • Eco-friendly
  • Maintenance-free
  • Allows walls to breathe

Benefits of using Versus Paint include:


  • The acrylic nature of the paint allows all Versus Paint products to be applied directly onto the institute (pre-cast) panels
  • All coatings are 100% pure acrylic, and are manufactured in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Apart from its decorative good looks, Versus Paint coatings offer the best protection for all wall surfaces due to its immense strength and durability
  • Materials can be troweled (up to 5mm thick) or sprayed, and should only be applied by skilled artisans
  • It is suitable for exterior and interior application to walls and ceilings
  • Coatings can be used for domestic and commercial work
  • Contact us for more information on our range of wall coatings.

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    As a contractor in the residential market, we understand that a property only looks as good as the quality of paint that covers the house. We have found Versus Paints to be superior to any other leading brands, however what stands out the most for us is the personal interaction, and level of service received from the sales team. They have taken the personal touch and perfected it. Well done guys. Onwards and Upwards.

    Ashley Svensson