Building and Renovations

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Versus Paint Specialists, leaders in exterior and interior wall paints and coatings are proud to introduce a top-class building and renovations division to our already impressive quality paint offering.


Transform your traditional home or office into a modern and trendy space that makes use of leading architectural designs and concepts. Create beautiful and luxurious living spaces that offer the ultimate in comfort and sophistication, and rest in the knowledge that you are in the capable hands of a reputable company with extensive experience within the design space in South Africa.

As part of our quality service to you, we offer on-site management during the building and renovation process, as well as a colour consultation to help you decide on the best paint for outside walls, textured house paint colours, and fresh interior paint colours.

Have a look at the gallery below to see some of our successful building and renovations projects.

Is it time to upgrade and redo your home or office into a beautifully-structured and luxurious living space? Contact us today for a quote.

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